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Weckerly Educational Services offers a range of tutoring and educational services which are currently done in the client's home. 

Subject Tutoring:

Subject tutoring is done by Mark. His tutoring rate is $80 per hour. Mark covers grade school subjects, most high school subjects and some college subjects. For more information or to set up a session, call, text, or email today. 

ACT and SAT Prep:

Mark does all the ACT and SAT Preparation. He offers different durations of service based on the client's input. He offers hourly tutoring on these exams which is $80 per hour. 

PSAT Prep:

Mark also does PSAT prep. Hourly training is $80 per hour.

HSPT Prep:
Mark has experience instructing students for the High School Placement Test (HSPT). He works on an hourly basis for $80 per hour. 

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